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May Mental Health Newsletter

Discover how to nurture resilient minds and foster emotional intelligence in your children as you help them navigate mental health at any stage. We hope the May Mental Health Newsletter (English/Spanish) brings you insights and expert advice to nurture your child's mental well-being. From toddlers to teens, we'll discuss navigating the challenges, and concerns around mental health and wellness.  

As always, check out the resources, where you can access free courses led by licensed therapists on more than 50 topics. Go to > On-Demand Courses > Child Development > Page 2 to check out the courses titled, Understanding Your Child's Emotional Development (ages 5-10) (11-14) (15-18) (19-22) and select the age range you are interested in learning more about. 

April Parent Coaching Newsletter

Have you ever felt lonely in your parenting journey? Parenting can be very hard and feel lonely, just know, that you are not alone.  Parent Coaching is here to support you in the loneliest of times. It is a FREE resource provided by the school district that connects you with a coach and content created by therapists. 

Click here to register for ongoing support from a coach:

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Discover the latest insights on how sleep impacts children's mental well-being in our April Mental Health Newsletter (English/Spanish) "Sleeping Sound." Dive into the crucial connection between quality sleep and children's emotional health. Explore expert tips for fostering better sleep habits and learn how a well-rested child is a happier, more resilient child.

As always, check out the resources where you can access free courses led by licensed therapists on more than 50 topics. Check out the course titled, Calming Your Anxious Mind. To access the course, simply navigate to and click On-Demand Courses > Anxiety & Depression > Calming Your Anxious Mind

Are you looking for guidance on how to strengthen your parenting skills? Join us as we discuss a NEW resource Baltic School District is offering parents!

What is Coaching? Coaches for parents share insights, energy, and validation into your personal family or week-to-week when you feel too stuck, too alone, or too exhausted.

View the Introduction Video and Informational Flyer below for more details or apply for coaching now at

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