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December - Coping with Holiday Grief

The Cook Center for Human Connection knows the importance of human connection and the immense benefits on our mental health. The monthly newsletters give you a way to connect with the families in your district/school. Please share the December Mental Health Newsletter with your families however you choose to share it. Below is a sample email you may use to accompany the newsletter for December:


The holidays are approaching and with that comes holiday stress, especially for those who are grieving the “year of firsts.” The December Mental Health Newsletter focuses on coping with holiday grief if you are experiencing the holidays for the first time since losing a loved one, moving to a new location, or facing new challenges from this past year. If you are grieving, your child is probably grieving as well. Learn how to help your child with grief and loss during the holidays, learn how practicing mindfulness can be used as a coping strategy or learn 6 steps to manage holiday stress with children. We wish you peace and happiness as you spend time with those you love this holiday season.

Are you looking for guidance on how to strengthen your parenting skills? Join us as we discuss a NEW resource Baltic School District is offering parents!

What is Coaching? Coaches for parents share insights, energy, and validation into your personal family or week-to-week when you feel too stuck, too alone, or too exhausted.

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