Online registration - OLR for 2023-24

The Baltic School District will continue using Infinite Campus Online Registration, OLR, for the 2023 school year. We hope to eliminate as many paper forms as possible and speed up the process of registering students as well as updating household and contact information.

You must use a computer for OLR.

The school has a computer available in each office if you are at the school and need to register.

Step 1 Option 1:

Students who were enrolled in the Baltic School District last year:

OLR access requires a Parent Portal username and password to access the OLR link in Parent Portal. If you can't log in to Parent Portal, contact the school district Network Administrator at,

Log in to Parent Portal, ( click More at the bottom left, then click the Online Registration link. On this page you can update currently enrolled student(s) from the first link, then add new students from your family using the second link.

Parent Portal Login for Parents of Students that were enrolled at Baltic School District Last Year

Step 1 Option 2:

New families will need to use this link to begin OLR:

The OLR process is divided into sections, each section must be completed before moving on.

Note: OLR may be partially finished, then completed later.

Step 2

At the end of OLR, you will be asked to complete Step 2. Step 2 must be completed in one session.

If you cannot complete Step 2 at one time, use this link to access Step 2 directly:

Once you have completed OLR and Step 2, your registration will be processed in a day or two, depending on the number of registrations at that time. New parents will receive an email with a Parent Portal login.

Birth to 5 Registration

Use this link and fill out the form and click submit to complete Birth to 5 Registration.