Stand Up Against Bullying

“Everyone can help prevent and stop bullying. Adults have the responsibility to protect and be a role model for kids, teens, and young adults.  No matter who you are, you can influence lives.”

In and out of school, bullying and harassment are unfortunate realities of the world we live in.  As a School District, we are committed to working together with students, parents, staff and community members to support students, create safe learning environments, and eliminate instances of bullying and harassment. We encourage this collaboration and believe that it will only strengthen our ability to face these challenges head-on.

As a District, we continue to take proactive steps to implement bullying and harassment prevention programs, to create a culture of support and responsibility, and to have systems in place to deal appropriately with reports of bullying and harassment.

Anyone who believes they have been subjected to bullying, harassment or a hostile environment should report it to their Principal using the established grievance procedure or fill out our Bullying Form which will go directly to our administration and counselors. The District is committed to objectively investigating the report in a prompt manner.

The District’s Anti-Harassment and Bullying policy, Anti-Discrimination Policy, grievance protocol and complaint form can be found on our website by clicking the following link:

Bullying Report Form

While there is no one action that will prevent bullying and harassment, the staff in the Baltic School District strives to always put students first. We firmly believe in proactively creating an environment that supports students and is most conducive to learning.

Thank you for your continued support of our work and for the role you play in helping put a stop to bullying and harassment. The power to end all forms of violence in our society will be realized in our ability to act together.