Dear Baltic Parents,

Since I sent this message yesterday, I have learned that children 9 years and older may get the flu vaccine.  For students in 5th grade and younger, a parent will be required to be present when that age child gets the flu shot.  If you have a child 9 years or older who you want to receive a flu shot, register them via the link below, and bring the completed permission forms to the clinic.

We have also learned that they will open the clinic to parents and other community members who want to get a COVID and/or flu shot.  Adults who wish to receive either or both of the shots should register via the link below, and where it asks for the grade, enter Adult.

A reminder the deadline to register for either or both shots is 10:00 am on Wednesday, October 13th.


I am sending this message to all parents even though it only applies to parents of students 12 and older, just in case you hear something and wonder what is happening.

The Baltic School District will be hosting a combined flu and COVID vaccine clinic for Baltic students ages 12 and older. Participation in the clinic is totally voluntary, and no shots will be administered without written permission from parents/guardians. Following are details on the clinic.

  • The clinic will be on Friday, October 15th from 1:30 pm-5:30 pm in the school commons. A reminder that school dismisses at 1:15 pm that day due to the home football game at 2:00 pm.
  • Only students ages 12 and older may receive either vaccine and only with permission of parent/guardian.
  • Students may receive either a COVID vaccine (Pfizer) or flu vaccine, or both. If both, the shots will be administered one in each arm.
  • For those receiving the COVID vaccine, a follow-up clinic will be held at school on November 5th to administer the second dose.
  • A completed registration form for each shot must be signed by parents and submitted prior to a student receiving either shot.
  • Attached to this message is one document that includes the registration/permission form for the COVID vaccine, information on the Pfizer vaccine, and a separate registration/permission form for the flu vaccine.
  • Students receiving either shot must wait 15 minutes to make sure they do not experience a reaction before being allowed to leave the vaccination area.
  • Students riding the bus will not be able to participate in the clinic.
  • Parents need not be present for their child to receive a shot, but they are welcome to attend.
  • Students participating in or watching the football game may receive their shots after the game.
  • There is no cost for the COVID vaccination, but it is requested that those who have insurance provide a copy of their insurance card so that an administration fee may be billed to insurance.
  • The cost for a flu vaccination is $40, which can be billed to insurance by providing a copy of the insurance card, or payment can be made with cash or check (made out to Lewis Drug).
  • To ensure a sufficient supply of vaccines, parents are required to register their students for one or both shots by 10:00 am on Wednesday, October 13 th via the link below.

Supt. Bob Sittig

COVID and Flu Shot Clinic On-Line Registration