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Baltic School District shall provide computer related technology resources to its students for educational purposes. The goal of providing these resources is to promote educational excellence. The use of Baltic School technology resources shall be granted to students for the enhancement of education-related functions.  Individuals who use the Baltic School District's network shall consent to be monitored.

It is important to understand that no filtering system is perfect. Due to the nature of the Internet and evolving technology, even with supervision, Baltic School cannot guarantee that students will not reach an inappropriate site. It shall be the student’s responsibility to report any inappropriate site or posting to a school official or teacher.

This procedural directive outlines appropriate use and prohibited activities when using all technology resources and electronic devices. Every student shall follow all of the rules and conditions listed in the link below.
For purposes of this procedural directive, “personal electronic device” means any device that a student is in possession of which electronically communicates, sends, receives, stores, reproduces or displays voice and/or text communication or data. These include, but are not limited to cellular phones, pagers, smart phones, music and media players, gaming devices, tablets, laptop computers and personal digital assistants.