Past Covid-19 Announcements

3/23/2020 - Supt. Bob Sittig

Dear Students, Parents, and Staff,


I know you might be inundated with emails, so I will keep this brief.  Pickup of computers and paper/pencil packets is going quite well and will continue until 6:00pm today.  If over the course of the next few days, you discover you need something from your locker, a text book, etc., please email me at and arrangements will be made for you to pick up what you need, or it can be delivered by request.


By now, each teacher should have emailed their students with instructions on how distance learning will work.  I encourage you to communicate closely with your teachers if you have issues accessing or completing activities and assignments.  


Officially, distance learning begins at 8:30am tomorrow morning.  I encourage all students to be diligent about continuing their education by completing assignments, etc.


We should know in the next day or two if the closure is extended beyond this week.  If it is extended, instructions will be sent out on how to return the paper/pencil packets and receive the next packet.


A reminder that free meals will continue until the closure ends.  If you want to begin picking up meals or have them delivered to you, email me at  Pickup and delivery is from 11:30am-12:30pm on school days.  


I am truly proud of our staff for putting in the work necessary to get distance learning organized and implemented.  I also want to thank parents and students for their cooperation and understanding during these unprecedented times.


Stay safe and support each other!


Supt. Bob Sittig

3/23/2020 - Rhonda Gross

Dear Parents and Students:


Greetings from Mrs. Gross,

This brief note is to let you know that today I feel no different than any other day I have been with you in Baltic—I feel great love and concern for my Baltic family. As always, the children within our district will continue to be my priority. Each child is truly worth the time and energy necessary to ensure they succeed.  In these times I believe it is important that we not only ensure the success of the child but also support and encourage those within their household. Therefore, this week I will be reaching out to both families and students to say hello and visit for a while.

While I do not have all of the answers to many questions you may have, I feel confident in my abilities to help students and parents find resources should they ask. I want you to all feel comfortable reaching out to me during these times. Whether it is school-related or not, I will do my best to help you through this time. You are not an inconvenience. 

I will continue to have my cell phone with me, please know that you can call me or text me should you or your child need me.  My cell number is 605-203-1640.

Please take care of each other and know that I will do all that I can to help you in whatever ways I can.



Rhonda Gross

3/20/2020 - Supt. Bob Sittig

Dear Students, Parents, and Staff, 

Estimados estudiantes, padres y personal, Al final de este mensaje hay una versión en español. 


We are sailing into uncharted waters as we embark on distance learning, which could last one week or much longer.  Our dedicated staff has been working diligently to prepare for the roll-out of distance learning activities.  Our goal is to continue educating our students almost as if they were still physically coming into our building, but the activities, lessons, etc. will only be as beneficial as the amount of time and effort students and families put into it.  Whether distance learning goes on for one week or the rest of this school year, we want students to be ready for the next phase of their education.  Therefore, I encourage all students and parents to be diligent in completing the activities and lessons prepared by our staff.  


The following are details on how distance learning will work.  I apologize in advance for the length of the message. 

  1. Distance learning activities will be paper/pencil type activities, on-line activities, or a combination thereof.  Teachers will be communicating with families, most likely by email, by 3:00pm Monday, March 23, 2020 with information on how they plan to deliver distance education, how they will communicate with students and parents, and what is expected of students.

  2. Officially, distance learning will begin at 8:30am on Tuesday, March 24th.  Teachers will have posted lesson plans by that time on our new Baltic School website at  under the COVID-19 link.  Assignments and plans might be available before that day and time and students can begin working on the assignments, but it is not required until Tuesday.  

  3. Teachers will dedicate each weekday between 10:00am and 2:00pm for students to contact them with questions, etc.  Teachers may schedule Zoom sessions or respond to students outside that time period if their schedule allows. 

  4. Paper and pencil distance learning packets will be used by grades PK-4 and will be available for pickup at the west entrance of the school from 11:30am-6:00pm on Monday, March 23rd.  Students and/or parents will come to the entrance and identify themselves, and a staff member will deliver a packet to them.  If a family cannot pickup their packet, arrangements will be made to deliver the packet to you.  Please email me at with your delivery request.  If the closure goes on beyond next week, a protocol will be established for students to submit one week’s packet while receiving the next week’s packet. 

  5. Students in 5-12th grades will almost exclusively use on-line learning activities, and for now, with the possible exception of some SPED students, they will not receive paper and pencil packets.  Therefore, it is essential that students in grades 5-12 have access to a computer device and the Internet. 

  6. Students in grades 1-4 may also do some on-line activities, so it is also essential that they have access to a computer device and the Internet.   

  7. Students in grades 6-12 should have taken their laptop computers home with them, but if anyone did not, we will make arrangements for it to be picked up or delivered on Monday, March 23rd.  Email me at if a 6-12th grader needs to pick up their computer or have it delivered. 

  8. Students in grades 3-5 have a Chromebook they use in school, and we will allow any of those students to take home their Chromebook by picking it up from 11:30am-6:00pm on Monday, March 23rd when they pick up their paper and pencil packets.  Once again, if a family is unable to pick up the Chromebook, we will deliver it to you.  Email me at if a 3-5th grader needs to have their Chromebook delivered. 

  9. We have enough Chromebooks for half of our 1-2nd graders, and we will issue a Chromebook to any of them who do not have access to a computer device at home.  Please email me at if your 1st or 2nd grader needs a school Chromebook so that we can make sure we have enough for each student who does not already have a device at home.  If you are unable to pick up the Chromebook when you pick up the paper and pencil packet on Monday, March 23rd from 11:30am-6:00pm, email me at and arrangements will be made to deliver a Chromebook to you. 

  10. At this time, kindergarten students will only do paper and pencil activities so access to a computer and the Internet is not required.  If that changes in the event of a long closure, we will work with kindergarten families at that time. 

  11. We recently conducted a survey on accessibility of computer devices and the Internet at home in anticipation of providing distance learning.  If you do not have Internet at home, and you did not complete the survey, and you did not receive a follow-up telephone contact, please email me at  It is imperative that all 1-12 grade students have access to a computer device and the Internet, and we will attempt to help those who don’t to obtain it. 

  12. If students left anything in their lockers that they need/want during this time at home, email me at and tell me specifically what they need.  Staff will collect the items and have them ready for pickup or delivery on Monday, March 23rd. 

  13. Our counselors Marilyn Schmitz-Stadem and Abby Danko will be available for students to visit with should the need arise.  Contact them by email, and they will make arrangements to communicate with students. 

  14. Band Director Linda Wilke will be communicating with band students about a time and protocol for picking up their instruments. 

  15. I would like to remind everyone that through a federal program, we are able to offer free meals to all students enrolled in our school, not just those who previously qualified for free or reduced meals.  If you are not currently picking up a meal or having it delivered, please email me at with the name(s) of the students who wish to receive a meal, and if you need the meal delivered, request that at the same time. 

  16. The success of distance learning will depend on close communication between teachers and students/parents.  I am confident we have the capability and commitment to make that happen. 

  17. I want to commend our staff on the time they have put in preparing for distance learning.  We hope that it is only for a week, but when you listen to the news and updates from officials, I fear it could be much longer.  I have no doubt that we have the staff, students, and parents who can and will continue the business of education even though it is from a distance. 




Bob Sittig, Ed.S 


Baltic School District 

Following is a Spanish version of this message. 

Estamos navegando en aguas desconocidas a medida que nos embarcamos en el aprendizaje a distancia, que podría durar una semana o mucho más. Nuestro personal dedicado ha estado trabajando diligentemente para prepararse para la implementación de actividades de aprendizaje a distancia. Nuestro objetivo es continuar educando a nuestros estudiantes casi como si todavía estuvieran entrando físicamente en nuestro edificio, pero las actividades, lecciones, etc. solo serán tan beneficiosas como la cantidad de tiempo y esfuerzo que los estudiantes y las familias ponen en él. Ya sea que el aprendizaje a distancia continúe durante una semana o el resto de este año escolar, queremos que los estudiantes estén listos para la próxima fase de su educación. Por lo tanto, animo a todos los estudiantes y padres a que sean diligentes en completar las actividades y lecciones preparadas por nuestro personal. Los siguientes son detalles sobre cómo funcionará el aprendizaje a distancia. Pido disculpas de antemano por la longitud del mensaje. 


1. Las actividades de aprendizaje a distancia serán actividades tipo papel / lápiz, actividades en línea o una combinación de las mismas. Los maestros se comunicarán con las familias, probablemente por correo electrónico, antes de las 3:00 pm del lunes 23 de marzo de 2020 con información sobre cómo planean impartir educación a distancia, cómo se comunicarán con los estudiantes y los padres, y qué se espera de los estudiantes.


2. Oficialmente, la educación a distancia comenzará a las 8:30 am el martes 24 de marzo. Los maestros habrán publicado planes de lecciones para ese momento en nuestro nuevo sitio web de la Escuela Báltica en bajo el enlace COVID-19. Las tareas y los planes pueden estar disponibles antes de ese día y hora y los estudiantes pueden comenzar a trabajar en las tareas, pero no es obligatorio hasta el martes. 


3. Los maestros dedicarán cada día de la semana entre las 10:00 am y las 2:00 pm para que los estudiantes se comuniquen con ellos con preguntas, etc. Los maestros pueden programar sesiones de Zoom o responder a los estudiantes fuera de ese período de tiempo si su horario lo permite. 


4. Los paquetes de aprendizaje a distancia en papel y lápiz serán utilizados por los grados PK-4 y estarán disponibles para ser recogidos en la entrada oeste de la escuela de 11:30 a.m. a 6:00 p.m.el lunes 23 de marzo. Los estudiantes y / o padres vendrán a la entrada y se identificarán, y un miembro del personal les entregará un paquete. Si una familia no puede recoger su paquete, se harán arreglos para entregarle el paquete. Envíeme un correo electrónico a con su solicitud de entrega. Si el cierre continúa más allá de la próxima semana, se establecerá un protocolo para que los estudiantes envíen el paquete de una semana mientras reciben el paquete de la próxima semana. 


5. Los estudiantes en los grados 5-12 usarán casi exclusivamente actividades de aprendizaje en línea, y por ahora, con la posible excepción de algunos estudiantes de SPED, no recibirán paquetes de papel y lápiz. Por lo tanto, es esencial que los estudiantes en los grados 5-12 tengan acceso a un dispositivo informático e Internet. 


6. Los estudiantes en los grados 1-4 también pueden hacer algunas actividades en línea, por lo que también es esencial que tengan acceso a un dispositivo informático e Internet. 


7. Los estudiantes en los grados 6-12 deberían haberse llevado sus computadoras portátiles a casa, pero si alguien no lo hizo, haremos los arreglos para que sean recogidos o entregados el lunes 23 de marzo. Envíeme un correo electrónico a si un alumno de 6º a 12º grado necesita recoger su computadora o que se la entreguen. 


8. Los estudiantes en los grados 3-5 tienen un Chromebook que usan en la escuela, y permitiremos que cualquiera de esos estudiantes se lleve su Chromebook a casa al recogerlo de 11:30 a.m. a 6:00 p.m.el lunes 23 de marzo cuando recojan sus paquetes de papel y lápiz. Una vez más, si una familia no puede recoger la Chromebook, se la entregaremos. Envíeme un correo electrónico a si un estudiante de 3 ° a 5 ° grado necesita que le entreguen su Chromebook. 


9. Tenemos suficientes Chromebooks para la mitad de nuestros alumnos de 1º y 2º grado, y emitiremos un Chromebook a cualquiera de ellos que no tengan acceso a un dispositivo informático en casa. Por favor envíeme un correo electrónico a si su estudiante de 1er o 2do grado necesita un Chromebook escolar para que podamos asegurarnos de que tengamos suficiente para cada estudiante que aún no tiene un dispositivo en casa. Si no puede recoger el Chromebook cuando retire el paquete de papel y lápiz el lunes 23 de marzo de 11:30 a.m. a 6:00 p.m., envíeme un correo electrónico a y se harán arreglos para entregarle un Chromebook 


10. En este momento, los estudiantes de kindergarten solo realizarán actividades con papel y lápiz, por lo que no se requiere acceso a una computadora e Internet. Si eso cambia en caso de un cierre prolongado, trabajaremos con las familias de jardín de infantes en ese momento. 


11. Recientemente realizamos una encuesta sobre accesibilidad de dispositivos informáticos e Internet en el hogar con la expectativa de proporcionar educación a distancia. Si no tiene Internet en su hogar, no completó la encuesta y no recibió un contacto telefónico de seguimiento, envíeme un correo electrónico a Es imperativo que todos los estudiantes de 1º a 12º grado tengan acceso a un dispositivo informático e Internet, e intentaremos ayudar a aquellos que no puedan obtenerlo. 


12. Si los estudiantes dejaron algo en sus casilleros que necesitan / desean durante este tiempo en casa, envíeme un correo electrónico a y dígame específicamente lo que necesitan. El personal recogerá los artículos y los tendrá listos para su recogida o entrega el lunes 23 de marzo. 


13. Nuestros consejeros Marilyn Schmitz-Stadem y Abby Danko estarán disponibles para que los estudiantes los visiten si fuera necesario. Póngase en contacto con ellos por correo electrónico y harán los arreglos necesarios para comunicarse con los estudiantes. 


14. La directora de la banda, Linda Wilke, se comunicará con los estudiantes de la banda sobre un horario y un protocolo para recoger sus instrumentos. 


15. Me gustaría recordarles a todos que a través de un programa federal, podemos ofrecer comidas gratis a todos los estudiantes matriculados en nuestra escuela, no solo a aquellos que previamente calificaron para comidas gratis o reducidas. Si actualmente no está recogiendo una comida o entregándola, envíeme un correo electrónico a con los nombres de los estudiantes que desean recibir una comida, y si necesita la comida entregada , solicite eso al mismo tiempo. 


16. El éxito del aprendizaje a distancia dependerá de una comunicación cercana entre los maestros y los alumnos / padres. Estoy seguro de que tenemos la capacidad y el compromiso para hacer que eso suceda. 


17. Quiero felicitar a nuestro personal por el tiempo que han dedicado a la preparación para el aprendizaje a distancia. Esperamos que sea solo por una semana, pero cuando escuchas las noticias y actualizaciones de los funcionarios, me temo que podría ser mucho más tiempo. No tengo dudas de que contamos con el personal, los estudiantes y los padres que pueden y continuarán el negocio de la educación a pesar de que sea a distancia. 




Bob Sittig, Ed. S 


Distrito escolar báltico 

3/17/2020 9:00 am - Supt. Bob Sittig

Dear Students, Parents, and Staff,


I sent a message yesterday about free lunches, and the small number of responses made us wonder if there was an issue with the survey.  After doing some research, we think there might have been an issue that prevented some of you from responding, and we have fixed that.  If you want meals either to be picked up or delivered, please reply to the survey as soon as possible.  If you have difficulty replying to the survey, please email me at or call the school at 529-5464.  We want to make sure everyone who wants or needs a meal gets one.  We have staff who have signed up to deliver meals, so if picking up meals is at all an issue, then request delivery.  Even if you cannot reply to the survey, call or email, feel free to stop by the school and pick up a meal.  Our kitchen staff has prepared extra meals so we will have enough for everyone.  We have applied for a special meal program and been approved so that the meals are provided at no cost to any student, and at no cost to the school, so if you want a meal, please follow the directions in this message.


Original Message

We realize that the unexpected closure might put some families in a “food insecure” situation.  Our school district will be offering free lunches to all
students currently enrolled in Baltic School starting Tuesday, March
17th.  Below is a link to a survey that provides detailed information on
the meals, and allows families to indicate they plan to participate
in the free meals.  So that meals can be prepared, please complete the survey in order to ensure meals are ready by 11:30 am that day.  The survey also asks for information if you are unable to pick up the meals and need them delivered.  Please note that federal requirements that allow the meals to be free require the student to be present when the meal is picked up or delivered.

Grab and Go Meals

We are still not planning any distance learning activities this week, but teachers are making plans in case the closure extends beyond March 23rd.  If an extended closure happens, we will send out information on how students can access the learning activities.

I will provide additional information via email when available or necessary, so please check your email frequently.

Supt. Bob Sittig