Baltic Pre-School Registration

Dear Parents of Baltic Pre-School Students,

The Baltic School District is once again planning to run a pre-school next school year.  The pre-school will be a blended pre-school consisting of children who qualify for Headstart attending at no charge and children who do not qualify for Headstart paying a fee.  Children must be 3 years of age by September 1, 2022, in order to be eligible to attend our pre-school.  Following is information on our pre-school.

Pre-School Calendar and Hours

To run a pre-school in cooperation with Headstart, we must meet the Headstart requirement that the pre-school is in session four days per week for a total of 128 contact days.  While the exact start date for pre-school has not been set, we anticipate it starting no earlier than August 22nd and no later than August 29th, running for 128 student contact days, and ending in early May 2023.  Pre-school will meet Monday-Thursday with Fridays occasionally used as makeup days.

Assuming there will be enough interest to have both a morning and afternoon session, the morning session will run from 8:15am to 12:00pm, with those not eating school breakfast arriving at 8:30am, and those not eating school lunch dismissed at 11:30am.  The afternoon session will run from 12:30pm-3:15pm Monday-Thursday with school lunch not available for students in the afternoon session.

Enrollment and Registration

Pre-school enrollment is limited to 20 students in the morning and 20 in the afternoon.  Parents may request either morning or afternoon, and the district will attempt to fulfill such requests, but request are not guaranteed to be filled. 

Families wishing to enroll in the Baltic preschool should complete online pre-school registration via the link on the school website.  The link will open at 10:00 am on May 2nd with a registration deadline of June 1st.  Non-residents may register for pre-school with the understanding that they will not be awarded placement in our pre-school until after the registration deadline.  No slots are guaranteed until the district provides notification after the registration deadline.  In general, slots will be filled on a first come-first serve basis based on the following priority order: Baltic School District resident children, non-resident children with older siblings open enrolled to Baltic, non-resident children with no siblings open-enrolled to Baltic.

Once a child is accepted into our pre-school, parents are asked to complete the school district online registration that all PK-12 parents are expected to complete.  This registration will open in early July and be accessible via a link on the school website.

Pre-School Fees

The fees for non-Headstart in-district pre-schoolers in 2021-22 were $150 per month for 8 months (Sept.-April) and $175 per month for non-Headstart out-of-district pre-schoolers with payment due prior to the first day of each month.  The fees for 2022-23 have yet to be established, but I would expect only a minimal increase if any.  The first payment (for Sept.) must be made by August 20th, or the slot may be given to a student on the waiting list.


Transportation to and from pre-school is another issue of concern to parents.  We realize that 3- and 4-year-olds cannot walk to and from school, and the reality today is that quite often both parents are working, and providing transportation to and from school can be difficult.  However, pre-school is an optional program, and it is our belief that parents should share in the responsibility of getting their children to and from school.  Final decisions about in-town bussing have yet to be made, but at this time, we do not anticipate any changes being made.  If the district continues to bus in-town PK-6th Grade students, then in-town pre-school students would be welcome to ride the school bus either to pre-school in the morning or home from pre-school in the afternoon via various pickup points established once PK-12 registration is complete (busses do not stop for individual students/families in-town).  Pre-schoolers who live outside the Baltic city limits will be allowed to ride the school bus to school in the morning or home from school in the afternoon, just as out-of-town K-12 students are allowed to ride the bus (busses would stop for individual students/families).  For the past three years, we provided transportation for pre-schoolers in the middle of the day to and from daycares in the City of Baltic at a fee of $20 per month, and we plan to do so again in 2022-23.  Information on transportation will be provided in August prior to the first day of pre-school. 


All families are encouraged to investigate eligibility for Headstart as children who qualify for Headstart attend our pre-school free of charge.  While Headstart is a program for low-income families, there are some opportunities for families that exceed Headstart income guidelines to qualify for Headstart depending on the specific situation and needs of the family.  Anyone wanting information on qualifying for Headstart can call Ranae Fleming at 605-951-8723.  Please note that even if a family is approved for Headstart, they are still asked to complete both pre-school and school district registration.

Meals, Snacks, Immunizations

A requirement for Headstart children is that if they attend a morning session, they receive breakfast and lunch free of charge.  Non-Headstart families whose children attend either the morning or afternoon sessions will be asked to provide snacks on a rotating schedule.

Non-Headstart children in the morning session will have the option of eating breakfast and/or lunch at school, but they would be charged the normal school lunch price for elementary students, which was $1.55 for breakfast and $2.90 for lunch in 2021-22 with 2022-23 prices to be set in July.

Up-to-date immunizations are not a requirement for entrance into our pre-school.  However, pre-school staff and our school nurse will work with families over the course of the school year with the goal of getting all pre-schoolers up-to-date on their immunizations.

If you have any questions about our pre-school, feel free to call me at 529-5464.


Bob Sittig
Baltic School District