Why Join a Music Booster Group?

Congratulations! Your child has decided to continue on as a music student. The program will be taking your child to the next level, and providing incredible opportunities. But with those opportunities come more responsibilities; not just for your child, but for the program as a whole. There’s way too much work for the teacher to handle, so the booster club supplies a stream of volunteers.

That’s nice, you might think. But I’m way too busy for that.

Think again. Your kid’s teacher isn’t the only one who benefits from this arrangement.

So why SHOULD you make time to volunteer with the music booster group?

Parents volunteer to support their children’s music education and to build relationships with many other parents in the organization and school.

The more help you provide the more time the teachers and staff will have to devote to the students.

In addition, the music department is positioned to help build community through local performance opportunities like concerts, football games, and parades which rallies our community around the many benefits of music education.

There are also many studies that show people who volunteer are happier and healthier, not to mention working with this bunch of enthusiastic parents is a lot of fun!

How do I join?

To join the BHS Music Boosters, simply attend one of our monthly meetings, volunteer for an upcoming event, or email the Music Boosters at: balticschoolmusicboosters@gmail.com, to let us know you are interested and would like more information.