Bringing back the BROS

By Ella Branham

  The robotics team sat on the bus - excited for the day that was sure to come. They were prepared - they had brought everything that they needed, and had all shown up on time, Well - almost everyone had shown up on time. Usually, the solution to this would be to simply leave that person there, but there was one problem. The only person who wasn’t there yet was their Coach -Mr. Clark- the one in charge of it all! How could they properly start their year without him? They couldn’t - he was needed to register them, check out their materials and more. So, they sat and waited and waited for Mr. Clark to arrive.

This was the situation that the robotics team found themselves in on September 7th - the day of the robotics kick-off. Every year the Jackrabbits division of BEST robotics puts this all-important day on in Brookings, South Dakota in order to prepare each and every team to be the best that they can be - in all aspects of the competition: Robot, Marketing, Booth, and Lab Notebook, through a variety of workshops, generally speaking, and the unveiling of the field! 

“The day overall went well,” Tyler Hartman started. “Although the field is going to provide us a challenge. 

The Baltic team had more to do on that day then just attend, however - they were one of the teams chosen to put on a workshop and teach their fellow robot enthusiasts a vital portion of the competition - marketing. While this discussion had quite a bit of focus on the actual skills needed - the presenters were sure to include a bit of a morale boost. 

 “I know it seems like quite a bit of work when you start, but the presentation that you create can get you to Regionals - just like it did for us!” Jacob Hotzler proclaimed to the teams sitting in the room, assuring them that all they needed to do to excel at creating a marketing presentation was put in time and effort. 

Since this kick-off, the robotics team has started their workdays and a fundraiser! Currently, they are selling popcorn and cotton candy as well as looking for any businesses that are willing to sponsor them for the year. If there is anyone interested in either of those topics, contact Mr. Clark for details!

(Photo taken by a Robotics Account)

“Robotics is off to a strong start and the team has been working hard during workdays. We are looking forward to getting our practice field built and fundraising started for the season.” Mr. Clark stated. “The team is hoping to finish strong in every category this year at the competition in Brookings and then planning to compete in Denver, CO at the regional competition.”



by Alexis Lundstrom 


“Yahhhhh, congrats” The crowd was going wild! September 23rd was an eventful night. Everyone was scattering to their seats to watch the magic happen. This night was a coronation. The high school students the week before voted for the top four guys and top for girls to be homecoming king and queen. They then chose the one guy and girl they wanted to win out of the most popular votes. Then Monday came to find out fate. The top four girls were: Shelby Dosch, Amber Hartmann, Hope Weber, and Saige Wirkus. Then for the guys, we have Avery Nordbye, Zach Polzin, Brodee Teveldal, and Austin Joppa.

The evening began with the baltic pep band playing 21 guns as the candidates walked up to the stage. They then introduced them and told everyone about them like who their parents are and the activities they do.  They then went and sat down. Katy Liester and Bode Murry then said the words “With a count of three you will open your box and if you have a gold balloon you are royalty, ready?”  While they counted to three and the drums were rolling the excitement grew.

Then the guys opened the boxes and there went three blue balloons and one gold one and the winner is……. Avery Nordbye everyone in the crowd clapped and there were hundreds of cheers. Then he was crowned and got his robe and he went and sat down. Now for the ladies, once again it was quiet and the drums were rolled. Then they started lifting the lids and……… Saige Wirkus. The gym was filled with claps and cheers and Saige stood up with a smile. She got her tiara and got her robe. Her and Avery went to the podium and gave their great short speech. Then they sat down and Mr. Konz, Mr. Baskerville, and Mrs.Lerdall gave a speech about the games coming up and how proud they are of them.


Elkton Vs Baltic

Winner: Elkton

Game 1: 18-25 | Winning: Elkton

Game 2: 25-20 | Winning: Baltic

Game 3: 22-25 | Winning: Elkton

Game 4: 18-25 | Winning: Elkton

The Elkton vs Baltic game was a close game! It was a great game that had a tragic ending. The first game the girls played very well, but in the end, they just missed the victory. The girls played excellent, and there were still multiple opportunities to catch up. With spirits high, the girls pulled a win in the second match. The girls were excited as the coach congratulated them on their first win. The third game was the closest, ending with a final score of 22-25. We nearly won the match. This brought our hope down, but the girls pushed forward. These three games had been so competitive. Even though they lost two of three matches there was still a possibility they could win. By the fourth set, the girls were tired but had not given up hope. This may have been the game where the girls pushed the hardest. But the Elkton girls also had their spirits up and were able to pull the win, ending the game. The final score was 18-25. The Elkton girls may have won, but it’s going to take a lot more than the Elks to slow our girls down. They played so well that night, and they knew it. Of course, they were disappointed at the loss, but they were so proud of how everyone had played that night that it trumped that. 

Here We Go Bulldogs, Here We Go!
By Kendra Kappler


Time for a Bulldog victory!  Friday, September 27 marked the date of Baltic’s Homecoming for 2019!  After ending the day full of excitement and school spirit, the bulldogs prepared to take on the Hanson Beavers Friday night.  It had been a fun week, with dress-up days, the parade, the pep rally, games, and school spirit, and the Bulldogs were ready to end the week with a victory over the Beavers.  

The football game was off to a rocky start for Baltic, with the Beavers scoring the first touchdown of the game.  The Bulldogs were able to score some points to pull ahead not long after, with the score being 9-8 after the first half.  “The score started off being close. When [Hanson] scored first, I was like, ‘Come on guys, I came all the way back to America for this week.  You need to win!’” said a laughing Helene Buxcel, who was a Baltic foreign exchange student from Switzerland last year. Everyone in the crowd watched intensely and cheered loudly for the Bulldogs in hopes that they would continue pulling ahead going into the second half.

During half time, the Bulldog football team discussed what they needed to do, and the cheerleaders performed a dance they had been learning for the homecoming pep rally and football game.  “I think the routine went better tonight because we were more confident. We had done it already at the pep rally, so we were excited to do it again.” With the score close and halftime over, the football game began again, with the bulldogs starting well.  The Bulldogs scored touchdowns, and Hanson fumbled the ball, causing Baltic to retrieve it and run to their end zone. The Bulldogs did extremely well in the second half, with the score at the end being 31-16 for another Bulldog victory, putting an amazing end to homecoming week in Baltic!


Is Edward Clark behind the Instagram hack?


Last week, on September 12th a countless number of people in the Baltic school district received a direct message on the app Instagram receiving a link telling them “they had made something for them. Many people had given in to the temptation to click on the link only to discover that nothing was there and sadly this way many people’s Instagram account had gotten hacked. 

This has happened many times in the past so this is not the first encounter, but is someone specific behind all of this?  

Some rumors have surfaced around the high school that there might be a mastermind behind this. Some have even said that only Baltic students have received this message.  

Teacher Edward Clark as many people know is great with technology, so is it a coincidence that only Baltic school students are receiving this personal message? Clark has taught most of his classes about how to be safe online and not put personal information on social media in case an incident like this were to happen. What if this is all a test!

We will keep you all updated as we continue to find out more information about this situation.

Baltic School Homecoming

Dress-Up Days

by Hope Bonrud


Homecoming week had been quite an eventful week for the Baltic Bulldogs. It officially started on Monday with an ‘ugly sweater’ day, which to say the least was ugly. In my personal opinion, there were very few people that actually participated in the dress-up day and overall was pretty boring for the Bulldogs. Luckily, Tuesday had been much better for the school with ‘denim’ day being pretty easy for everybody to participate in by wearing their basic blue jeans for the dress-up day. From an outside point of view, Wednesday, which was ‘country vs country club’ day, had been one of the favorites from homecoming with nearly everybody dressing up.  It was pretty easy to tell that the countryside had overrun the country club side of the day, but there was still a large variety of different outfits involved. The following day – ‘opposite’ day - had also been a student-favorite as they all dressed in whatever crazy combination they could put together. Needless to say, it was a pretty crazy day, but ‘spirit’ day had been the most popular of the bunch. Nearly everybody dressed up for the date, sporting their Bulldogs colors for the day of homecoming. Homecoming week had been awesome

Parker vs. Baltic

The volleyball girls are extremely hard-working!!

 On Thursday, September 26th the volleyball team had a great game! The weather was warm, and it was absolutely a good day to play volleyball! The final scores against Parker were 25-21 and 25-20.  “Keeping a positive attitude all the time is the hardest part when playing volleyball.  Also, keeping energy the entire time and not getting in a slump are the big challenges. But, I think we didn’t play very good,” said Bailey Teveldal, who is a player on the volleyball team. Although volleyball involves spending much of her energy, she continues to say she loves volleyball greatly, and she continues to encourage people with her energy.

To play well, they spend a lot of time practicing. They fight for themselves, their school, and their honor. They run on the court, sweating, as they practice after school every day. They do their very best in every game.

‘’My girls played well.  We competed at a high level.  We had great serves, which allowed us to get free balls to run our offense,” said Marissa Whipple, one of the coaches of the Bulldog volleyball team.


“They have a strong focus on their game; they have determination and confidence. They are eager to conquer others the school in every game they play.  They sacrifice their leisure time to practice, and that deserves the respect of the students. It is hard to keep a positive attitude all the time,” said Hope Bonrud, a player in the volleyball team, when speaking about the team and their efforts.

The Bulldogs have done an incredible job this season, and have proven themselves tremendously!

Wow-what a week to remember! Baltic 2019 homecoming was a memory to put in the book. As many people know, on homecoming day the Baltic high school hosts a bunch of fun activities before the homecoming parade. Each class participates in these activities and the end, there will be a winner. Such activities count as a minute to win it, scavenger hunts, shoe games, etc. 

I think everyone enjoys these activities because it is a way to bond with people and make new friends. It brings a lot of laughter and smiles to people’s faces which is always a welcoming sight. The overall scoring of the glasses goes to the following: Juniors with points, seniors, with 14 points, and a tie between freshman and sophomores with 14 points.  


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