Baltic School District knows the importance of making it easier for students and parents to access required information about their assignments.  

Below is a listing of all our educators, and the classes they teach.  Simply click on the teacher's name and it will bring you to their current lesson plans.  So if a student is absent, or planning to be gone both the student and parent/guardian can see what the assignments are for the week!  
Aberson, Jason
(6-7th Science, HS PE, Fitness for Life)
Langner, Alex
(Stats, Geometry, Algebra I, II, Integrated Math, Pre Calc, Trig)
Baskerville, Alan
(US History, Geography, Sociology, Law, Government)
LaValliere, Rory
(Physical Science, 7-8th Science, Earth Science)
Clark, Edward
(Elem Computers, Adv Computers, Media, Computer Apps)
Lerdal, Regan
(1st Grade)
Coker, Lynette
(MS Language Arts, English I)

(Library, 6th Math)
Daugaard, Jenny
(3rd Grade)
Ochsner, Tricia
(4th Grade)
Daugaard, Tanisha
(English I, II, II, Senior Projects)
Pittmann, Kristen
(Algebra I, 6-8th Math)
Determan, Nikki
(Biology, STEM, Chemistry, Anatomy, Adv Bio)
Plagge, Deb
(7-8th Exploratory, Art I, II)
Eszlinger, Danielle
(2nd Grade)
Ries, Suzy
(FACS, 7-8th Exploratory, Psychology, Human Dev, Personal Finance, Careers, Nutrition)
Geigle, Shawn
(5th Grade)
Roelfsema, Mark
(Intro to Ag, 7-8th Exploratory, Landscaping, ACT Prep, Welding)
Harms, Hailey
(4th Grade)
Rollinger, Tara
(6-8th Reading, MS Speech)
Herman, Kelley
(Elementary, MS, HS Vocal)
Schneider, Tina
(5th Grade)
Hoekman, Katie
(1st Grade)
Swenson, Tracey
(3rd Grade)
Matt Konz 
(Elementary PE)
Waldrop, Bob
(6-8th Social Studies)
Koskela, Melanie
(Spanish I, II, III)
Whipple, Marissa
(2nd Grade)
Lambert, Joni
Wilke, Linda
(Band Lessons, JH Band, HS Band)
Lesnar-Lambert, Lindsey
Wolff, Lisa

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