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Elementary Principal Enjoys Baltic School

date 11/02/2018 author dwc admin category Administration comment (1) comment(s)

Rhonda Gross Elementary Principal SPED Director     The beginning of the 2018-2019 school year has been both exciting and enjoyable with staff members, students, and parents getting into effective routines. As the new Baltic elementary principal and special services director, I have enjoyed the opportunity to get to know several students and parents; however, I acknowledge there are still many of you that I have not had the chance to meet, and I very much look forward to speaking with you as well. Please know that you are always welcome to visit me should you have an issue, concern, or just want to meet.


     The Baltic Mission Statement is as follows: “Preparing All Students to be Successful in Life.” It has been a goal at each elementary staff meeting to give true consideration to this statement. We challenge ourselves to ensure that each child is being properly prepared so that all students can be successful. The result has been implementation of new procedures, continuations of past procedures, and discussions about how to make improvements.


     Previously, I was a PK-12 principal in Arlington. One of the greatest advantages of being PK-12 principal was that I got to see the impact of strong parents and effective elementary teachers on the lives of high school graduates. If we want our seniors to be successful after graduation, we need to prepare them properly in their elementary years. That being said, here in Baltic we are grateful for the many parents who check their child’s backpacks for homework, teacher communications, and school notes. We realize that this requires time and effort, but we believe those efforts are well worth it. As we know, research indicates that parental involvement is key to student success.


     I want to thank you all for a very warm welcome to the Baltic School District. I have high expectations for the students, staff, and myself this school year knowing we are capable of doing amazing things. Again, please feel free to contact me at any time, I look forward to a great school year with you all.


Rhonda Gross, Ed. Specialist

Elementary Principal/Special Ed. Director

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Welcome to Baltic! Fri, 28/09/2018 - 08:13 -- Guest

We are so excited to have Mrs. Gross as our elementary principal and SPED Director! She is bringing new ideas, energy and enthusiasm to the students and staff. Great addition!

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