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Welcome to the Baltic High School Class of 2019 website!  We will be using this website as a way to streamline information and communication between parents, students, and the school for all things related to the Senior year at BHS. Please see the sub-pages in the left column for information, upcoming events, and any other tidbits! 

Class Officers
President - Isaak Swartwout
Vice-President - Sam Muston
Secretary - Kelsey Keating
Treasurer - Rick Kittelson

Student Body President - Rick Kittelson
Student Body Vice President - Zach Hefty

Senior Class Motto:  Together, we have experienced life.  Separately, we will pursue our dreams.  Forever, our memories will remain.
Senior Class Flower:  White Carnation
Senior Class Colors:  Blue & Silver

Seniors will take the NCRC test on Tuesday, October 30th at 8:30 AM.

College Application Week
 October 29th - November 2nd! 

Apply to 3 South Dakota colleges or Tech schools for "FREE"!  (Only free to Seniors). 
During the week we will be having some activities!
Monday - Students wear gear where you hope to attend.  Staff wear gear from the 1st degree you earned.
Tuesday - Students check out the college posters in the commons to see where your teachers went to college!
Wednesday - Seniors you can apply anytime this week on your own.  If you want some help, we will be filling out an application in English Class.
Thursday - Pick a Post it Note!  Write down where your parents went to college on a post it and put it by the college on the wall in the commons!
Friday - Seniors place an entry into the "Prize Box" for every college application you filled out this week! Will you win the prize?

Reminder:  Seniors! It's time to be thinking about your quotes for yearbook. When you have a quote, please fill out this form on google forms. Remember it has to be school appropriate or it will not be put in. Please get in all quotes as soon as possible! Thanks!

Parent Information Night Handout

Senior Pictures (and baby pictures) - Click Here

Senior Class Responsibilities

-Order coronation crown (if failed to do their junior year) and purchase football for homecoming king.
-Select class officers, Seniors should not pay class dues – students are not allowed to spend any left over money on themselves, but  will be able to
 decide what the class treasury should be used for, with administrative approval.

-Provide flowers for coronation (corsage for girls, carnations for boys, ½ dozen long-stem roses for the queen),
-October – Select and order graduation announcements, motto, colors and flowers.
-February – Order caps and gowns, begin organization of senior slide show.
-April – Get programs printed (check with Mrs. Schmitz, Mr. Reynolds and Mr. Kerkhove for changes), purchase flowers (corsage, boutonniere, long-
 stemmed roses for parent recognition) for graduates, collect senior pictures for class composite

-Decorate stage for graduation (small table for diplomas, table near podium for senior awards, two tables at north end of gym for gifts, 3 chairs on
 stage for dignitaries), be there at graduation to help pin flowers, assist with sound and slide show, assist with lining up senior class and processional.


Please contact Senior Class Advisors Tanisha Daugaard, (, Nikki Determan, ( or Marilyn Schmitz, ( with any specific questions you may have.

Watch for More to Come!

Contact: Tanisha Daugaard, Nikki Determan, Marilyn Schmitz
Baltic School District 49-1
PO Box 309
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