Baltic School District Teachers and Staff

Baltic School District knows the importance of making it easier for students and parents to access required information about their assignments.  

Below is a listing of all our educators, and the classes they teach.  Simply click on the teacher's name and it will bring you to their current lesson plans.  So if a student is absent or planning to be gone both the student and parent/guardian can see what the assignments are for the week! 

MS Science, HS Physical Education

Mr. Aberson's Lesson Plans

Room 203/175

MS Language Arts, English I

Mrs. Coker's Lesson Plans

Room 208

Physical Education

Mr. Konz's Lesson Plans

Room 125

Preschool Teacher​

Mrs. Lambert's Lesson Plans

Room 311

MS Math / Computers​

Mrs. Paulson's Lesson Plans

Room 122

FACS, Nutrition, Personal Finance FCCLA

Mrs. Ries's Lesson Plans

Room 121

Middle School SPED

Wendy Runestad

Room 204


Mrs. Sittig's Lesson Plans

Room 200

Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Wolff's Lesson Plans

Room 303

US History, Geography, Sociology, Law Studies, Government

Mr. Baskerville's Lesson Plans

Room 110

Elementary / MS Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Danko's Lesson Plans

Room 210

High School Science​

Mrs. Determan's Lesson Plans

Room 117

5th Grade Teacher

Mr. Geigle's Lesson Plans

Room 202

HS Technology, Robotics, Business

Mr. Clark's Lesson Plans

Room 111

Elementary SPED

Mrs. Harms's Lesson Plans

Room 309

4th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Harms's Lesson Plans

Room 310

Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Lambert's Lesson Plans

Room 302

High School Math​

Mr. Langner's Lesson Plans

Room 114

High School Ag/ FFA

Mr. Roelfsema's Lesson Plans

Room 127/128

Secondary Guidance Councelor

Mrs. Schmitz's Lesson Plans

Room 118

3rd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Swenson's Lesson Plans

Room 307

2nd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Whipple's Lesson Plans

Room 304

Online Learning Center

Mrs. Lardy's Lesson Plans

Room 113

4th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Ochsner's Lesson

Room 308

MS Reading/ HS Speech

Mrs. Rollinger's Lesson Plans

Room 207

MS Social Studies

Mr. Waldrop's Lesson

Room 205

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