Baltic School District Teachers

Baltic School District knows the importance of making it easier for students and parents to access required information about their assignments.  

Below is a listing of all our educators, and the classes they teach.  Simply click on the teacher's name and it will bring you to their current lesson plans.  So if a student is absent or planning to be gone both the student and parent/guardian can see what the assignments are for the week! 

Langner Alex_auto_auto.jpg
aberson jason.jpg

MS Science/HS Physical Education

Mr. Aberson's Lesson Plans

Room 203/175

Lynette Coker.jpg

MS/HS Language Arts

Mrs. Coker's Lesson Plans

Room 208

Daugaard Tanisha_auto_auto.jpg
Eszlinger Danielle_auto_auto.jpg
Konz Matt_auto_auto.jpg

K - 12 Physical Education

Mr. Konz's Lesson Plans

Room 125

Lesnar Lindsay_auto_auto.jpg

Preschool Teacher​

Mrs. Lambert's Lesson Plans

Room 311

LaValliere Rory_auto_auto.jpg

Elementary - MS Computers/MS Math 

Mrs. Paulsen's Lesson Plans

Room 209

FACS/Psychology/Personal Finance

Jalissa Irmiter

Room 121

Runestad Wendy_auto_auto.jpg

Middle School SPED

Wendy Runestad

Room 204

Sittig Deb_auto_auto.jpg


Mrs. Sittig's Lesson Plans

Room 200

Walsh Becca_auto_auto.jpg
Wolff Lisa_auto_auto.jpg

Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Wolff's Lesson Plans

Room 303

baskerville alan.jpg
Abby Danko.jpg

Elementary-7th Grade Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Danko's Lesson Plans

Room 210

Determan Nikki_auto_auto.jpg

High School Science​

Mrs. Determan's Lesson Plans

Room 117

Geigle Shawn_auto_auto.jpg

5th Grade Teacher

Mr. Geigle's Lesson Plans

Room 202

Herman Kelley_auto_auto.jpg
Koskela Melanie_auto_auto.jpg
clark edward.jpg

HS Computers/Business/Robotics

Mr. Clark's Lesson Plans

Room 111

Jenny Daugaard.jpg

Elementary SPED

Mrs. Harms's Lesson Plans

Room 309

Hailey Harms.jpg

4th Grade Teacher

Ms. Harms's Lesson Plans

Room 310

Hoekman Katie_auto_auto.jpg
Lambert Joni_auto_auto.jpg

Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Lambert's Lesson Plans

Room 302

Lardy Angela_auto_auto.jpg

High School Math​

Mr. Langner's Lesson Plans

Room 114

Specht Regan_auto_auto.jpg
pittmann Kristen_auto_auto.jpg
Roelfsema Mark_auto_auto.jpg

Ag Education/ Senior Projects

Mr. Roelfsema's Lesson Plans

Room 127/128

Schmitz Marilyn_auto_auto.jpg

8 - 12 Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Schmitz's Lesson Plans

Room 118

Swenson Tracey_auto_auto.jpg
Whipple Marissa_auto_auto.jpg

2nd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Whipple's Lesson Plans

Room 304

Online Learning Center Coordinator

Mrs. Lardy's Lesson Plans

Room 113

Ochsner Tricia_auto_auto.jpg

4th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Ochsner's Lesson

Room 308

Plagge Debra_auto_auto.jpg
Rollinger Tara_auto_auto.jpg

MS Reading/ HS Speech

Mrs. Rollinger's Lesson Plans

Room 207

Schneider Tina_auto_auto.jpg
Waldrop Bob_auto_auto.jpg

MS Social Studies

Mr. Waldrop's Lesson

Room 205

White Dana_auto_auto.jpg
Wilke Linda_auto_auto.jpg