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At Baltic School District we are committed to helping all students achieve academic, social, and personal growth. Our school counselors are available for all students to assist with college/career exploration, personal/social conflicts, mental health needs, schedule changes, and other school-related needs. Students are assigned to a counselor by their grade:  PK - 7th grade and 8th - 12th grade.  Students are encouraged to email their counselor to set up an appointment if needed. Parents are also welcome to email or call the school counselors with any questions or concerns. 

Below, there are many quick links to some valuable information. We encourage you to take advantage of these resources.

Counselors' Summer Information
The counselors will not be available for most of the summer, but we will be available the week of August 3rd.  We will be in a few days throughout the summer, so feel free to contact us through email and we will respond when we are available. If you need immediate assistance please contact the main offices.

High School Office:  (605) 529-5461
Middle School Office: (605) 529-5464
Elementary School Office: (605) 529-5464 

Elementary / MS School Counselor

 Room 210

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