Hello Baltic, 7-12 Families,

 I am messaging for two items. 

 1.  On a normal year, we host two track meets here at our athletic complex.  The hosting of a track meet requires a lot of workers for the different events.  Each year, we utilize the help of volunteers to help make these events happen.  I am reaching out looking for volunteers to help at these events.  If you are interested in helping at one or both of our track meets, please respond to Mr. Kerkhove at my email of cameron.kerkhove@k12.sd.us.  The two event dates and times this year are as following:

 Middle School - Monday, April 11th @ 3:00-7:30

High School - Tuesday, May 3rd @ 3:00-8:00

 The end times are approximate, and you could sign up for less than the full event time.  No experience is necessary to be able to help out.  We appreciate your willingness to help.

 2.  This is a reminder to please sign up for summer acceleration if your student plans to participate.  We have Boom Athletics coming out this summer to run our acceleration portion of our summer program.  We are looking to get an accurate number of participants as soon as possible.   We have forms in the high school office also.  If your student athlete plans to participate, please complete a form and turn it into the high school office by Friday, April 1st.  This will help us to plan everything for the summer.

 More Information on Boom Athletics can be found here:

Boom Athletics

 Thank you,

 Cameron Kerkhove

Secondary Principal/AD