Hello Baltic 7-12 Families,

 We will have our annual Winter Sports Parent's Night Meetings on Monday, November 15th.  We will run the following schedule:

6:30pm - Middle school girls' and boys' basketball

7:00pm - High school girls' and boys' basketball

 If your students plans to play a winter sport, we hope to see you this night to meet the coaches and go through what the seasons will look like for your student athlete.  

As a reminder, all students need to complete a yearly physical/medical history form and complete online registration.  If you did not play a fall sport, you will want to make sure you have these completed prior to practices beginning.  Middle school will begin practices that go after the school day on Monday, November 8th, high school girls' basketball will begin on Monday, November 22nd, and high school boys' basketball will begin on Monday, November 29th.  Students will not be allowed to practice until all forms and registrations are in.  I will attach a physical/medical history form to this email.  The link to online sports registration is below.  If you have any questions, please reach out to Secondary Administrative Assistant Carol Wickham by phone or at carol.wickham@k12.sd.us or Mr. Kerkhove at cameron.kerkhove@k12.sd.us.

 Athletic Registration


Thank you,


Cameron Kerkhove

Secondary Principal/AD