Baltic community and very specifically Fine Arts parents/guardians,

On behalf of the Fine Arts Boosters, Kelley Tschetter, and myself, we want you to be aware that we are putting on a Madrigal Fundraiser the first weekend in December. First, what's a Madrigal? A Renaissance-themed Christmas dinner theatre performance. And we are doing 3 performances: Saturday night at 6pm, Sunday at noon, and Sunday evening at 6. To make this a success, we are going to need your help!

 We have 12 main adult singers from the community, but we need a variety of other people to help pull this thing off . If we sell out all three shows, we will need 24 kids to serve the meal. Ideally, if your student is in art, chorus, band, yearbook, or any theatre activity, they would help serve the meal. We will potentially have 32 tables (6 people per table); therefore 24 servers are needed. Your child may be asked to play their instrument or sing as well. If so, they could potentially still serve the meal, but wouldn't need to feel quite as obligated. Could other kids (thinking middle school and up) help serve? Absolutely.

 Please let know if your child is willing and we will get details out to those participating as soon as possible. Yes, we will "train" them, practice, etc. Not a lot, but enough that they'll feel comfortable with the task.

Not only do we want servers, we want EVERYONE to attend. Keep part of your December 4-5 weekend open!!! Those details will be coming soon!