Hello Baltic Middle School Families,

 I am reaching out to explain an opportunity for students to get homework help after school that we started in the spring of last year.  All middle school students are able to take advantage of this opportunity.  We will now be offering homework help each week on Monday through Thursday night from 3:30-5:00pm.  A teacher will be available each of these days to work with students.  We also have our National Honor Society high school students volunteering to help during this time.  This is for all students, but we do hope to reach students who are struggling with homework or currently have D's or F's.  We will begin this Monday, September 13th, and it will run through the rest of the school year.  Students are able to come any night without singing up, but for planning purposes to make sure we have enough staff to help students, I ask that if you are interested in your students taking advantage of this opportunity, please reach out to Mr. Kerkhove at the school.

 (605) 529-5461


 Thank you,

 Cameron Kerkhove

Secondary Principal