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Dear Parents,

Below is an excerpt from a message I received from the State Department of Health concerning required immunizations.  The message is especially important for parents of incoming kindergarten and 6th-grade students, and transfer students.  I want to emphasize this is not in any way a reference to the COVID vaccine as that is not currently a state or local requirement for admission, and to my knowledge, it will not be required.  If you have any questions about required immunizations, contact Baltic School Nurse Kyla Goehring at  I am sending this message now so that families have time to get the required vaccinations prior to the first day of school on August 18th.  

Supt. Bob Sittig


Dear School Principal and/or School Health Official,

South Dakota state law (SDCL 13-28-7.1) requires that any pupil entering school be adequately immunized against certain communicable diseases. This includes enrolled students who are distance learning. Schools should not admit any student who has not submitted acceptable evidence of having received or being in the process of receiving, the immunizations required by law.