Bulldog Baltic School District

Level Yellow:

  • A ticket voucher allows admittance to the game upon paying the price of admission or showing a Baltic activity ticket or conference pass.

  • Participants enter as a team without ticket vouchers.

  • For individual boys' or girls' games, each participant will receive six ticket vouchers.

  • For doubleheaders, each participant will receive four ticket vouchers.

  • In split family situations, a participant may request two additional ticket vouchers.

  • School staff admitted on the honor system, but spouses and children of school staff may only attend with a ticket voucher.

  • High school students are allowed to attend without a ticket voucher on the honor system.

  • K-8th grade students only admitted with a ticket voucher.

  • Students 5th grade and younger and pre-school children must be accompanied by an adult with whom they must sit at all times.

  • Sitting in family units is encouraged.

  • Students are required to wear masks at all times with masks highly recommended for the general public.  Please protect yourself and those around you.

  • Social distance when possible.

  • Teams are not allowed to come out on the floor after the game.  They must exit the facility immediately after leaving the locker room.