Favorite teachers are remembered for a lifetime. Baltic School District wants to highlight those amazing teachers by awarding, "Teacher of the Year Award."

Educators working in grades PreK-12, who are making a difference in their students' lives, will have the opportunity to be nominated by a Parent, Student or by someone living in our community.

Forms are available by:  

1.) Filling out the online form below,

2.) "Click Here" to print out a form,

3.) Get a nomination form at either the Elementary or High School office.

Nominations are due at 5:00 pm Thursday, April 11th at either the Superintendents office, Elementary office or High School office. 


PO Box 309                         High School  (605) 529-5461

1 Bulldog Avenue               Elementary   (605) 529-5464

Baltic, SD  57003               Fax                 (605) 529-5443