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1. Let's begin by reading the FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

​2. Time to gather the information needed for Online Registration

     a. Parent Contact/Demographic info

     b. Student Contact/Demographic info

     c. View/Approve Parent Portal notices

     d. Emergency Contact information

     e. Health Services & Physician information                                                                                        f.  Medical & Mental conditions information 

​3. Let's Begin the Registration Process!

Baltic School District utilizes an online registration tool to gather the majority of student information required for registration. Please read carefully all the information pertaining to registration and the forms required.  It is vital that you watch for the "link" withing the online registration for required forms that must be completed prior to school beginning.

You are highly encouraging our parent/guardians to complete the online form, however both the Elementary and Secondary offices will have computers available on site if you wish to complete the form during your visit. 

The online registration form is accessible via standard web browsers found on most internet connected devices including: home computers, public computers available at local libraries, tablets, and smartphones (user experience will vary by device).