Winter Activities

​Occupational Therapist

Sarah Gullickson COTA/L

​​Natalie Olson OTR/L

Winter is fast approaching, and that means more time indoors for most kids.  Children are extremely susceptible to cabin fever and at times hard to entertain.  Electronics can easily become a first choice for a child.  However, there are many other options to help keep your child’s attention while developing important skills needed for development and learning.  Here are a few suggestions to try this winter with your child:

Indoor obstacle course: Use household items such as pillows, couch cushions, chairs, the wall, or even yardsticks.  Create different stations that involve crawling (lying on stomach and using arms/legs), creeping (up on hands and knees), balancing (connect two yardsticks and have your child walk across heel to toe), jumping or rolling.  Add in exercises or yoga poses (ie. jumping jacks, wall pushups, seal, or downward dog)...

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Reading Adventures - Second Grade

“The most powerful nation in the world is the imagi-nation”  a quote from author Mike Thaler.  He writes the children’s storybooks of the Black Lagoon. These books are based around the main character, Hubie, who lets his imagination overtake him at school.   Whenever he is sent to meet a different school personnel, his life becomes an adventurous one.  The second graders  enjoyed all his stories that were read by Baltic School personnel to match up with the story title, such as, Mr. Sittig read The      Principal From the Black Lagoon and Mrs. Linda Tom read The Nurse From the Black Lagoon.

​Also, this year the 2nd graders are adding a bit of fun  to their school days by including the unusual and unique National Days into their school days.  Here they are   celebrating      National Teddy Bear Day!  What days can you add to your workday?


December Events:

December 1:  Japanese Exchange Deadline
December 4:  100 member cupcake celebration
December 6:  Region V meeting in Madison
December 8:  Care packages mailed to veterans
December 8:  Chapter officer meeting
December 27:  Officer holiday get together

The Baltic School District in partnership with Prairie View Prevention is publishing an informational series of six articles on the dangers of meth and opioid use.  For more information, see the link to Prairie View Prevention in the articles.

7th Grade Social Studies Class Looks For Vacation Spots   

       The 7th grade World Geography class has just completed a United States Travel Project.  The students had to plan a pretend trip on a budget of $1,300.  They were   required to keep a financial statement of everything they spent, which had to include a hotel, flight, rental car, gas, food, and three activities.  The students also kept a   journal of what they did for the four day-3 night vacation.  They were also required to create a power point presentation that explains several geographical topics about their vacation site.  So if you are interested in getting away for a few days, the following students should be knowledgeable on their vacation site.  Here is where they went:

Adam:  Billings, MT                                       Abbi:  Tallahassee, FL                                 Trenton:  Trenton, NJ  
Noah: Los Angeles, CA                                Jevan:  Seattle, WA                                      Briley:  Orlando, FL                                                  
Kennedy:  Las Vegas, NV                            Jenna:  Helena, MT                                      Gunner:  Cleveland, OH   
Corbin:  Bismarck, ND                                  Kyler:  Omaha, NE                                       Belle:  Tampa, FL                                  
Anna:  Annapolis, MD                                   Gage:  Jacksonville, FL                               Jacie:  Colombia, SC 
John:  Nashville, TN                                     Nathan:  Detroit, MI                                      Chris:  Breckenridge, CO                                      
Landon:  Columbus, OH                               McKenzie:  San Antonio, TX                        Hayley:  Topeka, KS
Alexis:  Phoenix, AZ                                     Paige:  Austin, TX                                        Matt:  Dallas/Austin, TX                              
Max:  Sacramento, CA                                 Tayden:  New York, NY                                Madison:  Madison, WI   
Savannah:  Oklahoma City, OK                    Levi:  Lakewood, CO                                   Kendall:  Long Beach, CA                                        
Carson:  St. Paul, MN                                   Hope:  San Francisco, CA                           Nate:  Denver, Co 
Liv:  Sun Valley, ID                                       Jesse:  Oakland, CA                                     Andrew:  San Diego, CA

(L to R) Kate Liester, Hayln Larson, Brigette Nelson, Brooke VanDam, Tess Liester, Abbigail Lovstad.

The Bulldog Barks

December 2017 Edition

Baltic 4th graders got it the holiday spirit by decorating gingerbread houses on Wednesday, November 29th.  Students created the cardboard houses at home and then brought them to school along with lots of different items to use as decorations.  Students worked hard while frosting and putting together the final touches to make them into beautiful creations.  The gingerbread houses were on display for the elementary concert which was November 30th.

PO Box 309                         High School  (605) 529-5461

1 Bulldog Avenue               Elementary   (605) 529-5464

Baltic, SD  57003               Fax                 (605) 529-5443


First Graders by Ms. Specht

The first graders have had a very busy first half of the school year! In between holiday parties, school celebrations, and of course lots of learning, the first graders were able to take a field trip to the Apple Orchard this fall. Ms. Specht and Mrs. Hoekman’s class walked to the apple orchard where students learned about how apples seeds are planted and grown. They even got to taste test several different types of apples to determine their favorite! During this trip, students got to feed the animals, play on the hay bales, and pick apples and pumpkins! Thank you to all of the parents and grandparents who came along with us on this fun day!

Busy, Busy, Preschoolers!

It is hard to believe that the school year is almost half over! Preschoolers have been busy mastering the basic skills of life such as sharing, taking turns, using manners, and increasing their listening skills. Along that line, students have also been studying colors, shapes, learning how to pattern, working on their rhyming skills, sorting, writing their name, counting one to one, associating letters and sounds, writing letters of the alphabet, and mastering their phone number, birthday, and address.

 During free play students enjoy playing...

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280 Meals Made to Feed the Working Poor

Twenty one members of our chapter and the National Honor Society converged on Lunch is Served November 13 to make sack lunches for the working poor in our area.  This annual event is a wonderful way to help others and bring attention to food scarcity.

FCCLA In December

National Cluster Meeting:  Six Members of our FCCLA chapter traveled to Oklahoma City in November to attend the National Cluster Meeting.  While in Oklahoma the students heard from motivational speakers, attended leadership training, learned about community service opportunities and networked with members from across the US.  Baltic member Brigette Nelson, the National VP of Finance, lead the meeting with 9 other national leadership team members.

From the Office of Jim Aisenbrey
Secondary Principal

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Alan Baskerville and the senior class for their inspirational Veteran’s Day program held in the gym on November 10th.  The class put together an excellent program to honor and remember current and past military service men and women.  I also would like to thank Mr. Johnny Reynolds, former member of the United States Air Force, for participating as the guest speaker.  He delivered an excellent presentation to remind all of us to remember those who sacrifice so much to protect our freedoms...

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Welcome to the Speech/Language Therapy Room

By Rebecca Walsh, Speech/Language Therapist

Adjectives and adverbs.  Long before students know these formal names, they are using describing words (adjectives describe nouns/pronouns, and adverbs describe verbs/adjectives/other adverbs).  Since the ability to use descriptive words is essential to clearly communicating thoughts, feelings, and ideas, students who struggle with using adjectives and adverbs may have difficulty successfully expressing their wants, needs, and opinions.   
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Over $800 Given Away in FCCLA Visa Financial Football

Congratulations to our winning team for our Visa FCCLA Financial Football Playoffs:  Sam Brown, Allie Knopf and Sydnie Bossert.  Teams of three competed to share their knowledge of personal finance and win over $800 in cash through a Visa Financial Football Grant.

The winning team members each received a $100 bill.  Members who save the original bill until the last day of school will be given an additional $100.  Any money not claimed will be donated to the Baltic Food Bank.

FCCLA Shares:

$100 donation to the FCCLA Impact Fund (for victims of flooding in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico)
$100 donation to the SD FCCLA Scholarship Fund
$100 donation to the Baltic Food Bank
$100 donation to the Baltic Angel Tree
$100 to FCCLA Giving Tuesday
Care Packages going to Deployed Military Serving Overseas

Congratulations to our FCCLA Members of the Month for November!
Middle school: Abbi Lovstad
High school: Bobbi Lovstad
Officer:  Tess Liester

*winners are chosen by points earned through participation in chapter activities

Mrs. Swenson's 3rd Grade Class

3S has been a very busy place this past month! On Halloween, we tested our wizard skills as we used the Scientific Method to create and test potions. We have been working on our multiplication facts in math. We have been playing games, singing, and dancing to prepare for our timed tests. We read Amazing Bird Nests and learned just how difficult it is to build a nest of our own! That led us to investigate how bird beaks are adapted to help birds eat and meet their needs. We learned about the challenges that the Pilgrims faced in getting to the New World and surviving their first year in America with the help of Squanto and the Wampanoag tribe. We tied in STEM projects that helped us gain a new respect for the obstacles the Pilgrims overcame. We built ships that had to make the arduous journey across the Atlantic Ocean. We tested their speed and capacity after we finished our designs. We also built the Pilgrims shelters that had to protect them from wind, rain, and snow. Finally, we built tools and cultivated land to plant corn in the way the Wampanoag Indians taught the Pilgrims worked well in America. We learned to appreciate how hard it was to grow food with limited resources and a time limit. Many of our Pilgrims would have faced another difficult year because our groups ran out of time before their land was prepared and their corn and fish fertilizer were planted. Time has been flying by as we have been having fun learning and investigating in third grade!

Importance of Phonics Instruction in the Elementary
Mrs. Hoekman
This year my professional development focus is developing small phonics groups in my own classroom.  Along with that I have been taking a research course that has allowed me time to dig deep into the history of phonics instruction.  There are so many views on what phonics instruction looks like and how it should or could be taught in the classroom.  However, all of the research comes to the same conclusion of how important it is for students to learn the basics of phonics in order to read. 

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Bob Sittig—Superintendent/Elementary Principal

I will be honest and say that I struggle some months to come up with topics for these monthly newsletters, and this month is one of those times.  After much thought, I have decided to write about “fairness.”  At times, we will hear from students and parents that something is not “fair,” and we might hear that in regards to student discipline or student achievement, so I will try to address each situation...

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