Day 8:  Elvis says, "Look I'm a Star"

Day 2: Can you believe it?  Elvis has been here only 1 day and he is already taking the day off to go golfing!!

Day 3:  Elvis the Elf is lifting weights today and will be watching to make sure everyone is treating one another nicely!

William Krum, 6th grader was the

winner of naming Elf on the Shelf

​to Elvis...Congrats!!

Day 4:  Elf must of had an accident over the weekend, he tried to use bandages and tape!

Elvis thinks he's had to work to hard!  So today he says that he's "On Strike"!

PO Box 309                         High School  (605) 529-5461

1 Bulldog Avenue               Elementary   (605) 529-5464

Baltic, SD  57003               Fax                 (605) 529-5443


I was sent to Baltic School from Santa to "spy" on all the students in Elementary, Middle School and yes, the High School students too.  Elvis helps manage the "naughty & nice" lists and Santa gives him special magic during the Christmas holidays.  Elvis' Christmas magic can fly to the North Pole each night to tell Santa Claus about all of the day's adventures.  Each morning, the Elvis the Elf returns to Baltic School and perches in a different place to watch the fun. never know what Elvis is up to, so check him out each day to see the silly things he does in the High School office.  

​We'll post some of the silly things that Elvis does each day on his own web page...who knows what he's up to next!

Day 6: After hanging upside down yesterday, Elvis is taking it easy today with a bubble bath!

Day 5:  Elvis is showing off today!  

"Look what I can do!"  

Now Elvis thinks he's Spiderman!!

My name is "Elvis the "Elf"

Elvis has opened a new shop, "Holiday Help!"  At least his

prices are good!

Day 1:  Someone got in trouble for talking too much!  Better watch out Elvis or you'll get an Office Referral!

I think Elvis was trying to wrap Mama Gundy (our Secondary Admin. Assistant), a present and it didn't work out too well!

Elvis the Elf tried to do a "selfie", but he needs more lessons it seems since the picture is blurry!